Updated 1st December 2019.

Welcome to the IPCC WG III programme for COP25, hosted by Chile in Madrid. Please find below a list of events hosted by WG III at the IPCC Pavilion and a list of events at which WG III authors and bureau members will be speaking or chairing.

Please note that some details are still to be confirmed. Updates will be posted here.

We look forward to seeing you there! 

WG III Events at the IPCC Pavilion

3rd December, 2-3:30pm
Land Emissions and the Global Stocktake

  • Raphael Slade, Head TSU Science, WG III
  • Giacomo Grassi, Lead Author (LA) of the Special Report on Climate Change and Land (SRCCL)
  • Lou Verchot, SRCCL LA
  • María Amparo Martínez, IPCC Focal Point for Mexico
  • Guest Speaker TBC

5th December, 9:30-11am
Introduction to the Special Report on Climate Change and Land

  • Hoesung Lee, IPCC Chair
  • Youba Sokona, IPCC Vice-Chair
  • Raphael Slade, Head TSU Science, WG III
  • Jo House, SRCCL LA
  • Lou Verchot, SRCCL LA
  • Francis X Johnson, SRCCL LA
  • Guest Speaker TBC

5th December, 11:00am-12:30pm
Land Degradation and Desertification around the Globe

  • Valérie Masson-Delmotte, Co-Chair IPCC WG I
  • Minal Pathak, Senior Scientist, IPCC WG III
  • Eamon Haughey, Senior Scientist, IPCC WG III
  • Balgis Osman Elasha, SRCCL LA
  • Pirawan Wongnithisathaporn, Program Officer, Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact
  • Guest Speaker TBC

5th December, 2-3:30pm
The Future Food System

  • Jim Skea, Co-Chair IPCC WG III
  • Renée Van Diemen, Senior Scientist, IPCC WG III
  • Tim Benton, SRCCL LA
  • Koko Warner, SRCCL LA
  • Diane Holdorf, World Business Council for Sustainable Development
  • A.G. Kawamura, Western Growers

9th December, 6-7:30pm
Demand and Supply-side Policy

  • Jim Skea, Co-Chair IPCC WG III
  • Frank Jotzo, 6th Asessment Report (AR6) LA 
  • Leon Clarke, AR6 Coordinating Lead Author (CLA)
  • Jun Arima, AR6 LA
  • Sha Fu, AR6 LA

Other events and talks from WG III authors and bureau at COP25

3rd December 2019

Time: 17:00 
Pavilion: UK
Speaker: Marie-Fanny Racault (AR6, Chapter 3 author) 
Talk title:  Earth Observations of the Oceans
Event: Earth Observation and Climate Change: A Critical Capability in Understanding Our Changing World, hosted by DEFRA 

4th December 2019

Time: 9:00, 
Pavilion: IPCC
Speaker: Koko Warner (SRCCL Chapter 7 and SPM author)
Talk: Risk management and policy options for climate land interactions, from the SRCCL
Speaker: Heleen de Coninck (SR1.5 Chapter 5 and AR6 Chapter 16 author)
Talk: IPCC SR1.5 discussion of systems transitions and sustainable development
Speaker: Zinta Zommers (SRCCL Chapter 7 and SPM author)
Talk: Introduction to SRCCL and reasons for concern about land and climate interactions
Event: Sustainable development pathways compatible with 1.5 and 2 degrees, hosted by IPCC

Time: 15:00
Pavilion: TBC
Speaker: Nobuko Saigusa (SRCCL Chapter 6 author)
Talk title:  TBD
Event: Standardized observations are the base of all climate science, hosted by Integrated Carbon Observation System European Research Infrastructure Consortium * (ICOS ERIC) 

Time: 16:45
Pavilion: TBC
Speaker: Glen Peters (AR6 Chapter 3 author)
Talk title:  Global Carbon Budget 2019
Event: Global Carbon Budget 2019, hosted by Stanford, Leeds

Time: 17:30
Pavilion: Spanish Pavillion 
Speaker: Heleen de Coninck (SR1.5 Chapter 4 and AR6 Chapter 16 author)
Talk title:  TBD
Event: Climate Friendly Materials Platform, hosted by DIW/Comillas 

5th December  

Time: TBD
Pavilion: Japan Pavillion 
Speaker: Nobuko Saigusa (SRCCL Chapter 6 author)
Talk title:  Integrated Observation and Analysis System for Monitoring Anthropogenic and Natural Greenhouse Gas Sources and Sinks
Event: TBD, hosted by JAXA  

Time: 12:30
Pavilion: EU Pavillion 
Speaker: Francis Johnson (SRCCL author)
Talk title: TBC
Event: Responsible Land Use and Agriculture Management, hosted by IKEA 

Time: 13:15
Pavilion: GEF-GCF Pavillion 
Speaker: Louis Verchot (SRCCL Chapter 2 author)
Talk title: The potential of nature based solutions for enhanced climate action
Event: Harnessing Nature-based Solutions for Enhanced Climate Action, hosted by GEF-GCF 

Time: 14:30
Pavilion: EU Pavillion 
Speaker: Giacomo Grassi (SRCCL LA on Chapter 6)
Talk title: TBD
Event: Reconciling differences on anthropogenic forest CO2 fluxes between global models and GHG inventories, hosted by European Commission

Time: 16:45
Pavilion: Room 2 (UNFCCC event)  
Speaker: Heleen de Coninck (SR1.5 Chapter 4 and AR6 Chapter 16 author)
Talk title: The IPCC Special Report on global warming of 1.5C and the financial sector
Event: Following Paris Agreement, Implications for Finance, A Living Narrative, hosted by EBRD

Time: 18:00
Pavilion: TBC
Speaker: Koko Warner (SRCCL Chapter 7 and SPM author)
Talk title: Food is the new climate action – But how? (and at 18:30, Daily Briefing – Eating away at climate change: the latest IPCC special report and food)
Event: COP25 Briefing to Nordic ministers and citizens

6th December

Time: 11:30
Pavilion: TBC
Speaker: Nobuko Saigusa (SRCCL Chapter 6 author)
Talk title: GHG analyzing platform using ground sites, aircraft, ships, and satellite-based data
Event: Satellites in support of national Green House Gas (GHG) reporting and Global Stocktake, hosted by ESA, NIES, RESTEC, WUR

Time: 15:00
Pavilion: Room 2, Area 4 (UNFCCC event facility)
Speaker: Steven Rose (AR6 Chapter 4 CA, AR6 WGII Chapter 18 author)
Talk title: Realizing the Potential Value of International Cooperation – Under Article 6 and Otherwise
Event: The value of Article 6: Lessons from research and practice (a part of COP25 Business & Industry Day (BINGO DAY), Beyond Business as Usual – Leading for a Net Zero Future), hosted by EPRI, ICC, IETA, WBCSD

Time: 15:45
Pavilion: Japan Pavillion
Speaker: Jim Skea (Co-Chair IPCC WG III)
Talk title: TBD
Event: LCS-RNet Side Event: Can “our” long-term strategies make 1.5°C societies a reality?

7th December

Time: 10:00
Pavilion: CaixaForum Madrid Pavillion
Speaker: Oswaldo Lucon (AR6 Chapter 8 author)
Talk title: TBD
Event: Under2 Coalition General Assembly (side event), hosted by Under2 Coalition 

9th December 

Time: 9:00
Pavilion: China Pavilion
Speaker: Frank Jotzo (AR6 Chapter 13 author)
Talk title: Green Steel
Event: Global Alliance of Universities on Climate Change event, hosted by Tsinghua University

10th December 

Time: 15:00
Pavilion: NDC Partnership Pavillion 
Speaker: Osman Elasha Balgis (SRCCL Chapter 1 author)
Talk title: Access to financial and technical support for climate action of developing countries: best practices, challenges and needs
Event: TBC 

Time: 16:00
Pavilion: Green Zone
Speaker: Tania Guillén Bolaños (SR1.5 Chapter 3 author)
Talk title: TBC
Event: Latin American women & science

Time: 18:00
Pavilion: China Pavillion 
Speaker: Jim Skea (Co-Chair IPCC WG III)
Talk title: TBC
Event: Latest Development of Climate Economics, hosted by 7th Global Climate Change Think Tank Forum 

11th December 

Time: 11:30
Pavilion: TBC 
Speaker: Elena Verdolini (AR6 Chapter 16 author)
Talk title: TBC
Event: TBC 

Time: 12:30
Pavilion: EU Pavillion 
Speaker: Zinta Zommers (SRCCL SPM and Chapter 7 author)
Talk title: Session 2: Research insights – How can development cooperation boost climate ambition?
Event: The EU’s external cooperation post-2020: boosting ambitious and coherent climate action, hosted by DG DEVCO and German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE)

Time: 13:30
Pavilion: IPCC Pavillion 
Speaker: Tania Guillén Bolaños (SR1.5 Chapter 3 author)
Talk title: N/A – moderator
Event: Early Career Scientists and IPCC, hosted by IPCC

12th December 

Time: 10:30
Pavilion: EU-side events pavilion
Speaker: Elena Verdolini (AR6 Chapter 16 author)
Talk title: TBC
Event: EU Technology Transition for industry – – the role of research and innovation programmes

Time: 13:15
Pavilion: Room 1 (UNFCCC events)
Speaker: Youba Sokona (IPCC Vice-Chair)
Talk title: TBD
Event: Strengthening Synergies, Accelerating Progress, hosted by UNDRR, DESA and other agencies

Time: 16:45
Pavilion: TBD
Speaker: Elena Verdolini (AR6 Chapter 16 author)
Talk title: TBD
Event: Global Climate Change Policy

Time: 18:30
Pavilion: Room 6 
Speaker: Nadia Maïzi (AR6 Chapter 5 author)
Talk title: TBD
Event: Considering social acceptance in the energy transition of states, hosted by MINES ParisTech, ParisTech and CIRED